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Full Pool Cleaning Plan: The Guardian of Allen Pools

Our purpose is to give all residents of Allen, TX the simple joy of enjoying their swimming pools maintenance free. Under the Full Plan you only need to maintain the proper water level, let the pool equipment run, and contact us of any problems. Scheduled Allen Pool Cleaning stands by our work. Pool owners on this Full Plan are visited weekly (during Fall and Winter twice a month is optional) by an experienced and insured Allen pool professional.

Our Partial Pool Cleaning Plan is lower cost, but a few of the tasks are moved to the "What We Do" side of the chart below. Review the chart below detailing the service duties of What We Do vs What You Do for the Full Pool Cleaning Plan.

Starting from $169 per month

What We Do

We vacuum your pool.
We verify your swimming pool cleaner function.
We test your pool water and apply the correct chemicals and minerals to keep your water in peak condition.
We net your pool.
We check your pool equipment.
We keep your pool water healthy and treat any algae. See our No Algae Guarantee.
We backwash your filter on regular basis.
We help you monitor your pool operations by reporting any observations of pool issues.
We brush your pool (tiles, steps, walls).
We clean your automatic pool cleaner (bag / filter).
We clean your pool sweep wall screen.
We empty your pump baskets and pool skimmer.

What You Do

Maintain proper water level.
Report to us any observations of swimming pool issues.
Keep the pool equipment active and operating approving repairs when required.


Filter cleanings every season.
There might be extra startup charges for the first cleaning & treatment.
Monthly service fee is based on a four week billing cycle.
Full Pool Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals

You can switch service plans from Full to Partial by contacting us process the change.

We offer twice a month service in Allen from late Fall to Spring each year.

Necessary Filter Cleanings

Regular filter cleanings are required for most pools in Texas. This is because 98% of home swimming pools are either cartridge, DE, or a combination of the two. Filter cleanings cost $149 for those on a weekly plan.

Where do we Service

Our Full Pool Cleaning Plan has weekly routes running through most 75002 and 75013 neighborhoods as well as many adjacent areas to Allen.